Hack Your Classroom – it’s out!

If you watched the trailer on The Third Teacher Plus website a few months ago (see my blog about it here) about hacking a classroom,  you will be excited to know that the ‘movie’ is out (about 12 minutes in total). In a three part series, Edutopia shows the behind the scenes action as well as  the final product – the classroom studio.

Christian, a member of the Third Teacher Plus team:

As a member of the “Third Teacher Plus,” our job is to create spaces that allow the people to be remarkable students, remarkable educators.

What we hope we’ve done over the last week is shift mindsets. Maybe more importantly, what we hope we’ve done is given Steve the set of tools to be a designer himself, and to literally imagine that this space is a studio that can do anything he needs it to do.

A big feature of the classroom was the space that was created by grouping tables and eliminating clutter . This allows for collaboration and flow. The back  wall became a whiteboard for anyone to become a teacher or solve a problem and the teaching desk moved in closer to the students near the centre of the room and  became an efficient teaching dashboard complete with data projector.

At our school we are setting up our classrooms, getting ready for the students who start the new school year on Monday. Things that I am thinking about: eliminating clutter, creating a variety of agile spaces,  taking advantage of the natural light and using warm-light lamps in the darker corners.  What are the key features in your classroom?

One thought on “Hack Your Classroom – it’s out!

  1. While watching the video I was hoping students played a larger role for being problem solvers. I saw some input from the students but I wanted them to have a larger role as being the designers. I felt there was to many lost learning opportunities by having the adults coming up with the solutions. I’m inspired and wonder how we can make this process even better especially now that we have Design as part of the whole school curriculum.



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