Mindfulness: Think of Your Toes and Breathe!

Everything I need to know I learned in yoga class

  • set an intention or goal for  yourself
  • stay centered
  • watch the expert, try, tweak the position, try again, enjoy the moment
  • the more you practice, the better you get
  • be present
  • breathe


Yoga is about being mindful. Mindfulness, in the western sense, has become a buzz word. Be mindful. Teach mindfulness. But what does it mean? If you google Mindfulness+education you will find many sites dedicated to helping school teach the skills of mindfulness. One of my colleagues shared with me the .b website. “Dot B” stands for ‘stop and breathe and just be.’ Through a series of 9 lessons the aim is to give students mindfulness as a life skill. Students use it:

  • to feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled
  • to get on better with others
  • to help them concentrate and learn better
  • to help cope with stress and anxiety
  • to perform better in music and sport.

One of the skills to help us be more mindful is to stop, think of your toes and breathe. This simple strategy helps us refocus and concentrate.  Try it, it works!

Another technique they use with the older students is  asking them to text each other”.b” to remind each other to stop, breathe and be mindful.

Here is a TEDx talk by Richard Burnett, co-Founder and Creative Director of The Mindfulness in Schools Project:

One thought on “Mindfulness: Think of Your Toes and Breathe!

  1. Such an important reminder to stay in the present. Haven’t heard of ‘think of your toes’ but it makes sense as our feet is what keeps us grounded. Am definitely going to read up on mindfulness and discuss with you next time we walk to school…..’on the move’ podcasts???



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