Love what you do

“Opportunity is often disguised as hard work.”

– Latrese Moffitt, Olympic high jumper and recent guest speaker at our school


This school year is one of change, learning, excitement, hard work, and opportunity for me.

I have taken on a new role. I am Head of Primary Years and it is all about learning, listening, sharing, planning, inspiring, coaching, supporting, inquiring, reflecting and hard work. Sounds very much like the job of a teacher, doesn’t it? And a student. And a parent. And a friend. And an Olympic high jumper. And…(fill in the blank).

It is hard work, a great opportunity and  I love what I do. 

As Seth Godin said in his post, Turning passion on its head:

Instead of, “do what you love,” perhaps the more effective mantra for the maker of change might be,love what you do.”

Is this a possible cycle?  Hard work, Opportunity, Passion


4 thoughts on “Love what you do

  1. Hello Marina,
    You worded that so perfectly, but then you do have a talent with words!
    What few people realize when pursuing a passion, is that work is not a bad thing and that work can be enjoyable!
    I heard that a lot with gymnastics when the parents would comment that the time commitment was too much and that children need time to play! I agree, but the other gymnasts become their friends, they socialize and play and work too! Not to mention all the other life skills they learn along the way – overcoming obstacles, self discipline, and confidence to name a few.
    All when you love what you do!


    • Hi Denise! So good to hear from you. Yes, I often think of Monica when I think of pursuing passions. She is definitely a role model for hard work disguised as opportunity. When does she begin university?


  2. Love it!

    I am ever so excited about my semester after the first week. I’ve decided to take 5 classes because I don’t think I could choose one to drop. It’s going to be intense. Luckily, I think it’s possible because I love all of it.

    1. Public policy class in school of community as public affairs 2. Anti-racist feminist media in women studies (The whole class is about making a media project!!!) 3. Existentialism (20th century continental) in philosophy -stare, Camus, Beauvoir, I’m looking for French copies! 4. Historical perspectives on American women studies (mostly second sex and then race, trans and indigenous perspectives also) 5. Research methods in first peoples studies The whole class is learning to create a solid qualitative research proposal

    AND -still writing articles etc. for the university -Volunteering en français with elementary school girls for an expo science project -volunteering at social club with autistic youth -reading group for Heidegger’s Being and Time at a thing called the centre for extended poetics -maybe eating and sleeping sometimes 🙂

    So ya I definitely need help

    Love to you each, Kayla

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