Close your eyes and imagine the school you would build.

Last week I was fortunate to meet and listen to Takaharu Tezuka who was an architect for the World’s Best Kindergarten. The reasons behind the circular building are many, including, physical activity (running in circles), a sense of family and belonging, equality: no segregation, simplicity, visibility, indoor/outdoor and creating relationships.

Other speakers at the conference compared school buildings to prisons. Square. Hallways. Classrooms with square furniture. Routines. Bells. Timetabled outdoor time. Fenced in.

In reference to the title of this blog, we were challenged by one speaker to ask ourselves, “Should we build a school? Are schools (as we know them) the best way to learn?”

One thought on “Close your eyes and imagine the school you would build.

  1. When imaging the type of school I would build, there would be multiple factors that I would consider. Although every single school needs to root itself in student learning as the ultimate indicator of success, there must be the added emphasis of teacher well-being taking up just as important a role. Teacher well-being, from both an personal and professional perspective, is maintained and sustained through relationship building, open communication and trust, and finally investing time and energy into understanding and valuing the narratives of the educators working in the building.

    When imagining the type of school I would build, I would weave and embed every opportunity possible into establishing the importance of well-being and structure personal and professional development around these areas.

    I imagine a school in which all stakeholders (students, administrators, and teachers) feel a true sense of value, worth, and belonging. How could parents not be overjoyed to send their children to such an institution.

    Every single person wins in a school such as this and student learning is maximized to the fullest. Thanks for this post Marina.



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