“When I play my brain is inspired!”

I love that technology  allows us to share and view short videos  easily. A quick two minute video or a 20 minute TED talk can be  so inspiring. It might remind us of something to which we had a previous connection  or it might open a window to new ideas that we continue to explore.

I had the former “ah ha!” moment today. Last spring I wrote about the importance of play in learning (here and here). In a video that Sonya terBorg shared on her blog today, we hear from children about how play and learning are connected. It is a beautiful reminder.

The opening line by a child says it all:

When I play my brain is inspired!

And near the end a child states:

I like to play to learn and when I am playing I don’t want to stop.

Here is the video from the Opal School in Portland, Oregon:

Thanks, Sonya!