Love what you do

“Opportunity is often disguised as hard work.”

– Latrese Moffitt, Olympic high jumper and recent guest speaker at our school


This school year is one of change, learning, excitement, hard work, and opportunity for me.

I have taken on a new role. I am Head of Primary Years and it is all about learning, listening, sharing, planning, inspiring, coaching, supporting, inquiring, reflecting and hard work. Sounds very much like the job of a teacher, doesn’t it? And a student. And a parent. And a friend. And an Olympic high jumper. And…(fill in the blank).

It is hard work, a great opportunity and  I love what I do. 

As Seth Godin said in his post, Turning passion on its head:

Instead of, “do what you love,” perhaps the more effective mantra for the maker of change might be,love what you do.”

Is this a possible cycle?  Hard work, Opportunity, Passion


Learn From Every Mistake

If you follow The Growth Mindset blog (and I recommend you do), you would have seen in their August issue a link to Oprah Winfrey’s 2013 Harvard Commencement Speech: “Learn from Every Mistake.” She explains what it is like to fail, mourn your failure and then move on. She says, “If you are constantly pushing yourself higher and higher, you will at some point fail.” It doesn’t necessarily mean give up, we may just need to reframe the process and/or the goal.

Isn’t that what  we want our students to learn?

Watch the video here: