Should you cooperate or collaborate?

Wall of Knowledge at IB Asia, 2014
Wall of Knowledge at IB Asia, 2014

I just spent six days at the IB Asia 2014 Conference, Ways of Knowing. You know how it is, so many great ideas, so much to think about, and all of it can be easily be forgotten if not continually called back into discussion. I wondered how I could keep these ideas spinning and create conversations about them.

I decided to condense some of the Big Ideas that I took away from the sessions and post them here. I would love discussions to develop from them. If anything ‘sparks’ a thought or provokes you, write a comment. Thanks!

1. Heard throughout the conference in different sessions:

Cooperation = being nice

Collaboration = being honest

If you are cooperating you are doing. If you are collaborating you are creating.

2. Heard at Richard Gerver’s session, keynote speaker.

“We need closer links between the world of work and education. Real collaboration would mean interaction between schools and businesses. For example, teachers could go and spend time in the work places of others in their community. Invite people other than teachers to unit planning meetings.” – R.G.

Steve Job introduced this mantra to Apple:

“Never employ anyone who needs managing.”

“We want a culture of staff and students that don’t need managing,” Richard Gerver

Richard Gerver