Connecting: So Many Great Ideas

There are many books and blogs about changing the way we teach. One of my favorite blogs is by my friend, Sonya terBorg. If you want to think about, read, watch videos or comment on the latest educational discussions, follow her blog. It will give you something to gnaw on.

I shared a book that she wrote called Imagine A School with our director and, in return he leant me the book Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich. I chatted with an MYP  (middle school)  teacher about the ideas and discovered that he too has been thinking, reading, talking and blogging about the same ideas. He  is starting an ASA next year called Find Your Element. Basically it will give students an opportunity to find a passion and delve further into it with teachers guiding and supporting but not ‘marking’ or assessing.

Islands of thought in the school are starting to float towards each other and connect. There is an educational revolution beginning to form. How exciting. As Sonya just wrote:

I’m intoxicated with the possiblity!